KNT ( kindling n things ) LTD - Logs For Sale

Father and son Nigel & Karl Blackwell set up KNT in 2009 to offer local customers Quality Hardwood Logs and other solid fuel related products. Our main aim is to always give you the customer the best possible quality products and service every time you order fuels from us. 

Buying in our Cord wood timber direct from local forests in Surrey,Sussex & Kent gives us much more control over the size and quality of the firewood we supply. We always work very hard to get you the correct size of Logs you require for your open fire or wood burning stove.

Our standards are very high when it comes to the quality of our logs & fuels,if we are not happy with the product we won't be selling it to our customers. When we warm our homes with firewood we participate in a natural carbon cycle,and we all love to sit in front of a nice warm fire on cold winter nights.

Here at Kindling n Things we offer you high quality wood fuel products at a reasonable price with first class service always.

Types of Hardwood Logs we supply

ASH WOOD - The best burning wood providing plenty of heat (will also burn when green)

BEECH WOOD - Good heat and flame can occasionally give off a few sparks

BIRCH WOOD - Good heat very bright flame. Nice smell

OAK WOOD - Very old dry seasoned oak is excellent,burning slowly with a good heat

We always try to source our Raw cord wood timber from local supply in Surrey,Sussex or Kent to help cut down on the carbon footprint whilst the timber is in transit.

Seasoned or Kiln Dried firewood is always the best choice. It is drier, will burn at a higher temperature for a longer time and gives real value for money. Wet wood burns slowly and weakly and ends up costing you more money. This is especially true with some green hardwoods. Hardwood is dense. It burns down into glowing coals giving out lots of radiant heat that lasts a bit longer than softwood. It is usually the best wood to use for heating but there are exceptions.

Calorific value of firewood

One of the most common mistakes people make is in burning wood that is not Air dried or seasoned. Wood can have moisture content of up to 60%. Before the wood can actually burn, the moisture level has to drop low enough for the fibers to burn around 25-30% mc.

Fires that use fresh cut wood require a huge amount of heat to be used up in the evaporation of this moisture. This process absorbs much of the heat that would have been produced. It also results in a hard to start fire and a fire that puts off LOTS of extra smoke. A fire using seasoned firewood starts easy, puts off much more heat, and will not pump smoke all over your neighbours, or our planet. Firewood should be cut split and bought well in advance of the wood burning season. Split wood cures much faster than non-split wood.

Unseasoned wood is like damp laundry, if you seal it up, it will never dry and will just sit and mold. You don't want moldy firewood. We prefer that you keep the rain off the top of the stack but leave the sides open. This allows for natural airflow to the stack to cure the wood. Stacking the wood off the ground in an area that gets afternoon sun is the best.

Firewood logs